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“Sweet Catch is a love letter to our culture, our people, and our love for seafood cuisine; a place of remembrance for what history has erased and a celebration of our spirit.” 

Ka-Wana Jefferson


Welcome to Sweet Catch

We are a Woman and Black-owned Seafood restaurant serving the most delicious Soul Food, African American delights, and good vibes to the Little Caribbean neighborhood in Brooklyn. We invite you to our kitchen to taste this love letter to our culture and experience American cuisine with new eyes.


From the low county of Charleston to the clear blue waters of the Chesapeake Bay, down through the rushing rivers of the Louisiana Bayou, African-Americans boast a rich history of seafood culinary mastery, a connection to the land, and a respect for the fruits of the sea. Sweet Catch is an ode to this connection, a love letter to our culture and people; a place of remembrance for what history has erased, and a celebration of our spirit.

Taste the most delicious seafood in Brooklyn! You definitely want to order our Signature Sweet Catch Boil, a giddy party of a platter featuring plump, meltingly tender scallops, a bunch of snappy shrimp, crab legs, and a split lobster tail. The word "delicious” doesn't grasp the incredible flavors of everything we serve. You can also have a happy hour party with our oyster specials featuring baby brielle and butter belly oysters  and dig into our amazing lobster roll, fried shrimp, soup specials, and fresh salads made especially for you. And if you're craving seafood pasta, you'll surely be satisfied! Butter-roasted lobster, cajun grilled shrimp, seared bay scallops, & lemon buttercream will have you dancing with joy with a party of flavor in your mouth.


Try our expansive seafood, southern comfort, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, and experience the pleasure we bring to your heart and tummy!

And let's talk drinks! Our southern-inspired and Caribbeaninfluenced drink menu is infused with many delicious Island liquors and southern theme, Caribbean-themed cocktails, beers nyc and East coast, some Caribbean favourites ones too, and wine specially curated wines list, including organic and enviromentally friendly wines. Start your day off the right way with our boozy brunch cocktails and specials on the weekends. There's something for everyone! 



Plan an extraordinary event or birthday party with our delicious catering,— aka. the best seafood soul food catering in Brooklyn! We take care of all the details for you, serving delicious food and refreshing drinks with the most attentive, fun, and professional staff. 

Just fill out our inquiry form, and we'll reach out to you shortly! 

Sweet Catch creates a new experience in the blossoming culinary oasis of Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Check us out at 1222 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn. We are just blocks away from Prospect Park, Wingate Park, and Linden Blv and Flatbush 


Our food represents the spiritual sustenance of one of America's oldest cuisines that Black Americans have been preparing for generations with roots in the deep south. Find the best soul food and drinks place in Brooklyn, close to sightseeings like Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Museum, Church Ave near Kings Theatre, and Hamilton Metz Field. We have easy access from wherever you come from, only blocks away from New York Ave, Empire Blvd, and Flatbush Avenue. 

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